Drive Yourself or Rent a Car With a Driver?

Now that you’ve decided to rent a car during your trip to Sri Lanka, the next question is if you should opt to self-drive or rent a car with a driver. Both equally good options, so it’s completely up to you depending on what you want out of your trip.

With a Driver

Being driven is great if you want complete freedom to sit back and relax, enjoy the scenery. Or you could have your hands free to take all the pictures you want. Local drivers are experts on navigating Sri Lankan traffic and taking alternate routes when necessary. Also, most drivers are excellent guides who can provide local insights and suggestions that will add value to your trip. They will not only take you to your destination safely but will also be able to educate and entertain you during the journey.  

Without a Driver

Self-driving is for you if you would like to take control of your itinerary and explore at your own pace. While it may not be as relaxing as being chauffeur-driven, the sense of adventure and the novelty of driving in Sri Lanka will more than make up for it. Getting a permit to drive in Sri Lanka is a fairly quick and easy process and if armed with maps, you can easily travel to almost any part of Sri Lanka on your own. Choosing to drive yourself is also naturally somewhat cheaper than the option of being chauffeur-driven and works well for travelers on a budget.

Tuesday October 27, 2020