Driving in Sri Lanka

Pekoe Trail – The First Long-Distance Hiking Trail in Sri Lanka

The 300+km walking trail, known as the Pekoe Trail, winds through the central highlands of Sri Lanka. This trail is the first of many created with the aim of allowing visitors to experience the diverse terrain, rich history, vibrant culture,…

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Is Renting a Car in Sri Lanka Expensive and Worth It?

It's no surprise that renting a car in Sri Lanka may seem expensive compared to other travel destinations. While there are other transportation options like public transportation, taxis, and ride-sharing services, renting a car is the most popular choice

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Unveiling the Beauty of The Pekoe Trail in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's tea culture stands as a testament to the nation's rich heritage and natural beauty. Nestled within the verdant landscapes of this island nation lies The Pekoe Trail, a journey that intertwines the history, culture, and scenic splendour of Sri Lanka's tea plantations. As a haven for tea enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, The Pekoe Trail offers a captivating exploration of one of the world's most renowned tea regions.

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