Sitting on the south-western coast of the island, Bentota Sri Lanka offers some of the best beaches in the world. The fabulously wide strip of golden sandy beaches will certainly be a highlight of your down-south travel. Bentota however has much more to offer. There are plenty of water sports and excursions for those who would like some activity, but it is also a haven of tranquility to those who want to simply unwind and let the calming atmosphere of the surrounding waters work its magic.

Bentota Sri Lanka is famously known for its production of toddy, a popular local alcoholic beverage made with coconut nectar. It also boasts an ancient art of healing which has now gained much popularity throughout the world – Ayurveda, the science of life.

Bentota weather is tropical and the rainfall is generally quite high, with two peak rainy seasons.

Things To Do

Things to do in Bentota range from the quiet, tranquil, peaceful activities of doing nothing but relax, to the fun, exciting activities that give you an adrenalin rush.

The Bentota river presents an ideal location for water sports of all kinds including water-skiing, jet-skiing and wind-surfing. There are many independent operators who are pros on Bentota water sports and conduct courses in surfing, deep-sea fishing and diving. In Bentota, canoeing too is quite a popular activity.

Taking a nice long trip along the winding course of the Bentota river, exploring the exotic creatures of the wild including baby crocodiles and hundreds of species of birds and reptiles is the perfect option for those who like to have a peaceful afternoon. Simply lying on the golden beaches of Bentota and basking in the sun too is certainly an unparalleled experience.

Some other popular things to do in Bentota include a visit to the National Holiday Resort Complex housing a number of hotels, restaurants, and markets or the Bentota Bazaar offering some great surprises ranging from gemstones, brassware, wood carvings, and batik textiles.


The Bentota river, gently meandering along its course inland, is one of the prime attractions in Bentota. The delicate coves and little islands on the lower stretches of the Bentota river are treasure troves filled with indigenous species of birds, reptiles and many amphibians. The river is also a hub of activity, especially for water sports enthusiasts as almost every type of sporty activity in water is available.

Another famous attraction in Bentota is the Brief Gardens, comprising the house and garden of Bevis Bawa, a world renowned landscape architect who initiated the work as far back as 1929. Lunuganga too is a must see, being the original home of Geoffrey Bawa, the brother of Bevis and an architect who has contributed much towards an architectural revolution.
The sea turtle hatchery in Kosgoda too is a must see. It is a life-changing experience as you watch the egg burial in the night and enjoy the baby turtles through the day until you release them into their habitat in the deep.

The Galapata Vihara, dating from the 12th century and said to have been built by Parakramabahu the Great is also a popular attraction in Bentota.

Saturday December 5, 2020