Arugam Bay

Placed along the south-east coast of the island of Sri Lanka is a moon-shaped curl of soft golden sand. Arugam Bay is famously known as one of the ten most popular surfing spots in the world. Discover the magical beaches and enjoy all that this location has to offer.

During the peak season, there is never a dull moment in Arugam Bay Sri Lanka. It is in fact the perfect base for many exhilarating excursions including an adventurous trek to explore the wild, or to take a peek at a few Buddhist temples little known of, or simply to laze around on the beach relaxing on a hammock as you drink in the splendor of your surroundings.

Arugam Bay weather is generally dry, with little rain in comparison to the rest of the island, but July and August are the best months in the year for a surfing trip.

Things To Do

Surfing definitely tops the list of things to do in Arugam Bay. In fact surfing in Arugam Bay is not merely an activity, it is an experience. There are many point breaks including the Ullah point, Pottuvil point and crocodile point which are ideal for beginners and experienced surfers alike. During the surfing season in July and August each year, Arugam Bay  simply comes alive and the entire place is a hub of activity as the UK Pro-Surfing Association’s Sri Lanka Surf Championships are conducted, with over 45 of the best surfers the world over, participate in a thrilling event.

Things to do in Arugam Bay, however, are by no means restricted to surfing alone. It is a great place to simply chill out and perhaps read a book on a hammock or lie on the beach and enjoy the warm waters of the glorious ocean. Delicious spicy rottis with exotic fillings which are found in plenty along the coast are a treat not to be missed. If you are looking for a sugar rush, the mouth-watering home-made goodies including ice cream, warm breads and crumbly cookies just out of the oven at Café del Mar or Geckos are the best in this area.

Another popular thing to do in Arugam Bay is to enjoy a few drinks at Mambos, which is a bar/ club packed with lively entertainment including upbeat music and dancing on Saturday nights.

Monday December 7, 2020