Fuel Availability for Tourists in Sri Lanka

As Sri Lanka recovers from its economic crisis, it remains as beautiful as ever and welcoming to tourists from all around the world. The Sri Lanka Tourism authorities and the travel and hospitality sectors are primed to ensure that travelling in Sri Lanka is seamlessly convenient and comfortable for all visitors. If you are planning to visit Sri Lanka and have any concerns about the fuel availability for tourists, fear not, there is a system in place to provide a guaranteed supply of fuel during your stay.

Following are a few options that to obtain fuel as a Tourist during your stay in Sri Lanka :

Option 1 : Tourist Fuel Pass Card (TFP)

An initiative of the Ministry of Power and Energy, and Dialog Axiata PLC to provide an NFC enabled Touch Fuel card for inbound Tourists.

Applicable for :
Inbound Tourists residing out of Sri Lanka with a valid Foreign Passport

Process :

  1. Visit any Sampath Bank Branch located across Sri Lanka
  2. Present the following documents (in person) to register for TFP
    • Passport
    • Full Name
    • Local Mobile No (optional)
  3. Make a payment of USD 5 (or equivalent in any currency) to obtain the TFP
  4. Top up your TFP Account with a minimum of USD 50 (or equivalent in any currency) and maximum of USD 300.
  5. Present TFP card at Touch enabled Fuel Stations around the country and pump fuel up to the value available in the card.
  6. Top up TFP card at based on your usage.

Pro’s :

  • Unlimited Fuel Supply

Con’s :

  • You have to physically visit a Sampath Bank Branch
  • Some Fuel Stations may not honour the TFP Card, as they are not equipped with the NFC Touch technology.
  • There is a chance that Fuel may not be available at the time, in some of the participating Fuel Stations

More information and FAQ’s can be found at the Tourist Fuel Pass Website.

Option 2 : Tourist Fuel Request Letter – Recommended Option

An official letter issued by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Agency (SLTDA) to Tourists to obtain fuel based on their travel itinerary.

Applicable for :
Inbound Tourists who will be renting a vehicle via a SLTDA registered tour operator / rental company.

Process :

  1. Your travel agent / rental company will apply for the letter on your behalf by submitting the Fuel Request Form.
  2. They will require the following information from you
    • Copy of your passport
    • Copy of your airline ticket / e-ticket
    • Tour Itinerary (this will help them calculate your fuel requirement)
  3. Once the letter is obtained, you can pump fuel at selected fuel stations around the country as well as fuel stations operated by the Military.

Pro’s :

  • Sufficient fuel supply based on your Itinerary.
  • The request can be made prior to your arrival in Sri Lanka
  • Added flexibility since you can not only pump from Fuel Stations but also have access to Military Fuel Stations around the country
  • The service is completely Free of Charge

Con’s :

  • The entire process may take 2-3 days
  • You may require to pay in local currency (LKR) in certain fuel stations

Option 3 : National Fuel Pass (QR Code)

The national QR code system that is operating in the country which offers a weekly fuel quota for all vehicles in Sri Lanka.

Applicable for :
Locals and Sri Lankan Passport Holders.

Process :

  1. Register on the National Fuel Pass Website with Personal & Vehicle Details
    • Chassis No of the Vehicle
    • Registration No of the Vehicle
    • Category of the Vehicle
    • Your Name
    • National Identity Card No or Sri Lankan Passport No
    • Mobile No
  2. Present your unique QR code at any fuel station to receive your weekly quota of 20 litres of fuel

Con’s :

  • Applicable for Sri Lankan Identity Card or Passport Holders
  • Irrespective of your actual requirement, you will receive a fixed 20 litres of fuel per week.

Our recommendation is Option 2 – Tourist Fuel Request Letter, which is also the most convenient one where you receive a supply of fuel to cover your entire itinerary while allowing your car rental company like Malkey Rent-A-Car to handle all the paperwork.

Sunday February 12, 2023