Tips & Tricks for getting around Sri Lanka

  • Honking is perfectly normal in Sri Lanka and is often considered a form of greeting. Drivers here don’t honk at you only if you are doing something wrong, they will honk to say thank you if you give way or even just to let you know that they are there. You will surely enjoy this way of communicating with other drivers on the road.
  • Google maps work well almost all over the country and you will find yourself diverted through alternate routes in times of high traffic. Be prepared to take smaller inner roads to arrive at your destination. Google will not update you on the conditions of these smaller roads, so you will have to decide if you want to stick to the main roads or take the faster route.
  • You can hire Sat Nav units if you would like some extra assistance in finding your way around. 
  • Try to maintain a steady speed within the speed limit and always watch out for speed limit signage. You could get pulled over by the Police if you exceed the speed limit, especially when driving outside of the city. If you drive too slow, however, you may find yourself being honked at a lot and being overtaken on both sides. 
  • We recommend supporting street-side vendors that you are bound to encounter hawking everything from fresh fruits to snacks to flowers. Always make sure you use your signal lights to indicate you are pulling over and park well away from the path of traffic if you are tempted to check out these stalls and their delicious wares.

Apart from these tips & tricks read up on all you need to know about driving in Sri Lanka.

Saturday October 24, 2020