TukTuk Rental, Budget-Friendly Travel in Sri Lanka

You are excited about your upcoming trip and are wondering how to determine budget-friendly travel options in Sri Lanka? TukTuks are your answer! These vibrantly colourful vehicles can be spotted on every street, all around the island and can take you from point A to point B so much faster, especially in rush hour.

The Freedom

If you’ve been in TukTuks before, you already know that feeling of flying through the roads with the wind in your hair, but with the added comfort of shelter and space. Now imagine being able to rent a TukTuk in Sri Lanka and getting behind the wheel to travel to any location your heart desires.

The true advantage of TukTuks for tourists and locals alike is the freedom it provides to travel anywhere beyond the main roads where public transport is restricted. So instead of being limited by the routes taken by buses and trains, renting a self-drive TukTuk could take you directly to your destination with any number of stops that you would like to make.

Low Cost

You can rent a TukTuk at a cost only marginally over what you would spend on modes of public transportation. Another reason why TukTuks are easy on your wallet is because they are extremely fuel efficient and will reduce your spending on fuel as opposed to most other vehicles. However, if low cost rental is your motivation for renting a TukTuk in Sri Lanka, you will find budget-friendly economical cars which are equally cheap as TukTuks available at Malkey Rent A Car.

Convenience & Efficiency

The compact size of TukTuks makes it possible for them to weave and wind their way through most Sri Lankan roads with ease and will reduce your travel time drastically, especially in urban environments.

Safety & Comfort

Learning to drive a TukTuk is uncomplicated and intuitive and your rental company will provide you with a crash course if you haven’t driven one before. You can also do online research for tips on driving TukTuks to obtain a better understanding of the driving style and safety aspects.

What Permit Do You Need To Drive A TukTuk in Sri Lanka?

You need to obtain a special temporary TukTuk licence to be able to drive one in Sri Lanka and you will need to submit a valid driving licence from your own country for this purpose. You could visit the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) if you wish, or your TukTuk rental company can sort this out for you even before you arrive.

Find out more about getting a valid permit for driving in Sri Lanka.

Renting A Tuk Tuk in Sri Lanka

There are many companies and individuals offering TukTuks for rent but we recommend choosing a reputed rental company like Malkey Rent A Car that can also provide additional assistance with things like obtaining a driving permit, support with learning as well as a wide network of roadside assistance around the country.

Friday September 23, 2022