What Car Should I Rent?

The vehicle you choose for your trip should be determined by the kind of traveller you are and the itinerary you have planned for your travels in Sri Lanka. Here are some recommendations on what kind of vehicle is suitable for different itineraries. 

Trip Around the Country – If your trip includes travel to rougher terrain and wilder treks, we would recommend that you hire an SUV or 4WD that will get you through any kind of road condition. 

Colombo & Urban – With a lot of stops and start driving in traffic, what would work best is a fuel efficient car or even a smaller car that’s easy to park anywhere.

Budget – If you are conscious of how much you invest in a rented car, there are plenty of budget options to pick from at surprisingly low rates and self-drive options.

Eco-Friendly – If you are conscious of travelling without leaving too large a carbon footprint, choose any hybrid or electric cars for minimum impact on the environment.

Large Groups – If you are considering traveling with a large group or a family, choose from a range of vans & buses to travel in maximum comfort. 

Special Events – For any special events, Sri Lanka offers a wide range of Luxury and Vintage vehicles to add some glamour to your ride

You will find a number of car rental companies in Sri Lanka offering these types of vehicles, our recommendation is to use a reputed company like Malkey Rent A Car where you will be able to choose from all of the above categories

Thursday October 22, 2020