Adventure Travel in Sri Lanka

Discover Sri Lanka, her exotic scenery, and hundreds of endemic flora and fauna on the many adventure and nature trails around the country.

Hiking and trekking too are activities not to be missed if you are looking for a fascinating experience. A trek from the Belihul Oya area or Horton Plains national park will take you through highlands with vegetation, thick jungles, along the banks of rivers and beside magnificent waterfalls, offering splendid views and a taste of treasure at its best.

If you are looking for a varied experience of adventure travel, Sri Lanka has recently begun to offer caving in some of the most ancient caves of the world, dating back thousands of years. You can explore, survey, map, photograph and experience life in the pre-historic era as you tread the ancient paths of Sri Lanka. Adventure tours to the best caves can be organized by experts providing you with all that you need.

If you are not very keen on roughing it out but would like to experience interior parts of the island in your adventure travel, Sri Lanka offers the option of luxury camping or Glamping, where you could enjoy the best of both worlds. Experience nature and wildlife from the comfort of your luxurious accommodation. Watch the birds as they are perched on your tree curtains, listen to the approaching footsteps of the wild, and end your day beneath the glittering stars at night.

Tuesday October 27, 2020