Vegan Dining in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, with it’s glorious abundance of fresh produce often proves to be a food paradise for Vegan travelers. Vegetarianism has always been a cultural element in this part of the world and Veganism is now catching up fast, with more and more individuals choosing veganism as a lifestyle. Vegan dining in Sri Lanka is becoming popular as well as the availability of vegan-friendly products. Additionally, most restaurants offer a selection of Vegan options for even the most discerning Vegan diners.

Plant-Based Meals

The tropical weather in Sri Lanka produces seasonal fruits and vegetables, making it possible for one to consume the freshest and most nutritious food nature can provide. Discover an array of green leaves that form the base of salads and sides, vegetables prepared in delicious curries, local grains and pulses and fruits that rival the sweetest desserts. While in Colombo or any other major cities like Kandy or Galle you will easily find Vegan options and even dedicated restaurants, but in other areas you will still be able to find 100{c936fc21b787601ef18bc16d503e84c113d8819d6944b65f1aff51216cd21cf1} vegan dishes although they may not be labeled so. Sri Lankan cuisine is typically prepared with spices and coconut milk as the cohesive ingredient, making plant-based eating delectably simple.

Tips for Vegan Dining

Things to watch out for when dining in Sri Lankan restaurants would be:

  • The use of Ghee and Paneer which are dairy-based products, mostly used in Indian inspired food
  • ‘Umbalakada’ or ‘Maldive Fish’, a type of dried fish that is commonly used in sambals.
  • As you enter any eatery, feel free to let them know your food preferences and inquire about their offering.
  • Most Sri Lankans, especially those working in restaurants, are able to communicate in basic English and will be able to help you navigate their menu
  • Stick to local cuisine. Opt for rice & curry as this is the safest bet for vegan food, especially when dining in areas further out of Colombo.

Popular Vegan Restaurants in Colombo

The restaurants below are exclusively Vegan while the majority of restaurants anywhere in Sri Lanka are Vegan-Friendly!

Monday September 6, 2021