Shopping in Sri Lanka

Shopping in Sri Lanka is a colorful and interesting sport that extends beyond shopping malls in Colombo, the capital city. While these malls located in the central business district offer international brands, fine cuisine, and a comfortable shopping experience, we recommend you also explore stand-alone stores as well as many bazaars and streetside vendors where you could discover bargains of all types.

One Galle Face, Colombo City Center, Crescat Boulevard, Majestic City, and Liberty Plaza are the most popular Colombo based malls in 2021. These malls offer casual wear, business attire, kids’ clothes and toys, electrical goods, beauty products and cosmetics, jewellery, furniture, handicrafts, and much more at reasonable prices. You will also find cinema complexes, Spas, and food outlets from semi-fine dining to food courts, allowing you to refuel and easily spend the whole day at the mall.

Stand-alone departmental stores such as Odel offer branded and high street fashion, in an ambiance that is chic and casual. At the end of a long day of shopping, step into Foot Rub for a foot massage or enjoy some sushi at a restaurant in the courtyard of Odel.

Barefoot is a store frequented by many tourists as it features handloom goods that are unique, distinctive, classy, and chic. The brand needs no tag! Paradise Road is the place where you can find some of the most exquisite pieces of household furniture and crockery and cutlery, vases and lamps etc. each with a unique touch of Sri Lanka.

Cool Planet and No Limit are also popular fashion chains with outlets spread through many districts island-wide. They have a wide range of items including clothes, shoes, accessories, and sarees. House of Fashion too offers a wide range of items at rock-bottom prices. These stores also offer a mix of Sri Lankan & international brands including Mango, Levi’s, Giordano, Arienti and Kelly Felder among others.

The state-owned Laksala is the perfect place if you want some exquisite silver or brassware, buffalo horn, wooden goods and other souvenirs. There are many items made with coconut shells, cane and bamboo too. Dilmah and Mlesna are where you can get the best of Ceylon Tea.

The experience of shopping in Sri Lanka is varied and exceptional in every city. We strongly recommend you visit Pettah, where are plenty of little stores wherever you go, with a selection of goods for everyone. Feel free to haggle for bargain prices and don’t forget to enjoy a streetside samosa and a cup of tea while you are at it!

Tuesday October 27, 2020

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