5 Reasons To Rent A Car in Sri Lanka & Avoid Public Transportation

So here you are, headed to Sri Lanka for that long awaited holiday and wondering how to get about once you reach your destination. You could always consider taking public transport but here are 5 reasons why you should rent a car in Sri Lanka instead of hopping on a Tuk Tuk or booking that rideshare.

  1. Coronavirus, of course. Travellers are encouraged to avoid public transportation to stay safe from the transmission of COVID. While buses and trains have restricted the number of passengers, rush hour still brings a throng of commuters making social distancing a futile exercise. Ride Shares and Taxis can be equally unsanitary with passengers of all hygiene standards popping in and out
  2. Renting a car can prove more economical when you’ve got a lot of stops and starts. Taking taxis or public transportation for frequent trips will pile up in costs compared to renting a vehicle that is suited for your budget and your travel plan. You may be able to rent a car for as low as $10 per day and have the freedom of moving about as you wish.
  3. Your rented car will come with safety features, navigation & roadside assistance while most public modes of travel will be lacking basic safety measures such as seatbelts & airbags
  4. Rideshare and taxis run on 3rd party insurance cover. While they most definitely will not cover you as a passenger there is also the risk that an incident in a rideshare may even invalidate your own insurance cover.
  5. Because you will enjoy having your own vehicle more! Save time and avoid inconveniences while enjoying the privacy and freedom of controlling your own itinerary.

Plan ahead for your trip to Sri Lanka. Evaluate all your options for moving about in Sri Lanka. And if you do decide to rent, choose a reputed car rental company that will offer you a safe and reliable service.

Monday April 12, 2021