Is it Safe to Visit Sri Lanka Under COVID Restrictions?

Please refer to our updated post : Updated Regulations For Traveling to Sri Lanka

Wondering if it’s safe to visit Sri Lanka? As Sri Lanka recovers from COVID, strategic measures have been taken to curb the spread of the virus across the island. Over the last year, the Sri Lankan government and health authorities have done an exemplary job of isolating affected areas and running an efficient network of quarantine and treatment centers island wide. Nearly a million Sri Lankans have already received their first shot of the AstraZeneca Vaccine and are on the road to being inoculated against Coronavirus.

As the world opens up and travel becomes a possibility at long last, Sri Lanka opens up her doors to paradise and welcomes visitors while ensuring the highest levels of protection from COVID in place. You will find a comprehensive guide to travelling into Sri Lanka at the Sri Lanka Tourism website.

Quarantine Policy:
The Sri Lankan quarantine policies for international travellers may be updated from time to time. Therefore we encourage you to check the Travelling to Sri Lanka section in the Sri Lanka Tourism website for the most recent update.

For transportation and hotel transfers the government only allows Level 1 Certified Operators such as Malkey Rent-A-Car to transport tourists. This includes special clearance for drivers and tour guides as well as the highest standards of sanitization of vehicles. Public transportation is not allowed for tourists and groups are required to travel in a bubble to minimize risk.

Hotels that have been cleared for Level 1 Certification are allowed to provide accommodation while adhering to guidelines provided by the health authorities with regards to maximum occupancy and sanitization standards. Check here for a full list of approved hotels.

General Guidelines:
Visitors are urged to adhere to global COVID prevention guidelines at all times. Including wearing a mask in public places and during travel (unless traveling in a private vehicle) with a driver, taxis or in Rideshares. Frequent washing and sanitizing of hands is recommended and also maintaining a 1 meter distance from other travelers.

So wonder no more, check the above information and find out for yourself if it is indeed safe to visit Sri Lanka in 2021.

Monday April 26, 2021