Post Pandemic Travel Trends

With global vaccination rates on the rise, travellers around the world are hopeful and excited for international travel to resume. After nearly 2 years of being cooped up in a never ending staycation of sorts, we are all raring to go on holiday somewhere, anywhere. While it’s encouraging to see travel ads popping up on our social media feeds once more, the question remains, how will post pandemic travel differ from travel as we used to it. These 3 post pandemic travel trends are expected to change the way we travel at least in the foreseeable future.

Vaccination-Led Travel

COVID-19 Vaccination rates will certainly determine the desirability of a destination, while countries with largely vaccinated populations will attract more tourists according to the Trip Advisor Travel Trends Report in 2021. Being vaccinated themselves will also give travelers the confidence to venture out once again. Success of the widespread vaccination program makes Sri Lanka a potential holiday destination for those wanting to enjoy some tropical warmth.

Relationship-Oriented Travel

Having been deprived of contact with families and friends over the duration of the pandemic, travelers are more likely to make trips to visit relatives and friends they have not seen for a while. This also includes a rise in group travel, where large groups of friends and family will take trips together to a common destination to spend quality time together. This trend in turn will set off the popularity of resorts with group accommodation options and rental of large vehicles suitable for group travel and also make travelers demand more facilities when travelling with children.

Outdoor Leisure Focus

With the fear of COVID outbreaks on everyone’s mind, a spike in leisure activities set in wide open spaces and outdoors is expected. What better place to practise social distancing than the great outdoors? Think wide open beaches, nature reserves and mountain hikes. Sri Lanka has always been primed for adventure and wildlife travel since long before the pandemic and presents many travel and exploration opportunities from organized trails to renting the perfect off-road vehicle.

Monday July 5, 2021