Traveling With Children in Sri Lanka

Traveling with children is a rewarding experience and the memories you make are cherished for a lifetime. However, it can also be an experience that comes with unique challenges made more complex when doing so in a foreign country. While kids may certainly add more to the list of things to consider before packing your bags, planning in advance can help you navigate the experience like a pro. One such consideration is road travel with kids, complying with road safety rules and keeping them safe and comfortable. In Sri Lanka, while not mandatory by law, car seats are recommended for children under the age 6 and children under 13 are encouraged to travel in the backseat.

There are a few reasons you should consider getting a car seat during your stay in Sri Lanka, such as: your child’s sense of familiarity of a car-seat when travelling, the uneven nature of the roads and most importantly it is safer, which gives you peace of mind. One could always wear their seatbelts and sit back; keeping in mind that seatbelts have to be worn by passengers as per the law of Sri Lanka. A fine will be charged if one fails to comply.

If you have brought a car seat with you, it can be used within the island. However, if you do not have one, you could buy one from the many vendors in Colombo and main cities, or rent one from a private vendor or owner. Getting this done earlier is recommended as looking for car seats upon landing may not be convenient. It’s important to check with your car rental company if they do provide this service.

If you are renting a vehicle for the duration of your travels, it is also imperative to confirm Air Bag Safety and also if the vehicle you are renting allows for 3 point or at least 2 point seat belt protection. Renting a car from a reputed company like Malkey, will give you access to Car Seats and assurances of all the safety measures to keep you and your kids safe.

A great way to keep kids relaxed and enjoying their travels in addition to great transport, is a variety of snacks. Driving down the streets of Sri Lanka, you will have the choice of the freshest produce the island has to offer. You and your child can cool down by drinking a freshly plucked “Thambili”- juice of a golden king coconut with many health benefits. Sweet snacks like“Boondi” and “Bombaimutai” or“Vadei” a savory donut of sorts will have them happily munching their way through the trip.

Sri Lankans in general are very friendly and are always ready to lend a hand, so feel free to speak to your travel agents for details. You’ll soon find that Sri Lanka is one of the safest places to travel with children and enjoy your peace of mind.

Monday May 3, 2021