Rent Your Car Before Traveling to Sri Lanka or After You Land?

Deciding on your mode of travel before arrival is an important decision to make, especially when traveling with children or in larger groups. Finding a vehicle that is suitable for your itinerary can be a little daunting if you are unfamiliar with your destination. Fortunately, travelling within Sri Lanka is not only easy but can also be planned well in advance.

You will be able to explore a multitude of public transportation options as well as rental options. Read our article on how to make these initial decision of should I rent a car in Sri Lanka?

Once you have decided to rent you will be able to consider varied rental formats as explained here in our post covering rating a car with a driver or driving yourself in Sri Lanka.

If you do decide on the self-drive option, it is also recommended that you check on obtaining a valid driving permit in Sri Lanka.

Next step is to do your research on the car rental companies in Sri Lanka. We recommend more reliable rental partners like Malkey Rent A Car, with decades of expertise in rental services, an extensive fleet, personalized support and affordable prices. Once you make your choice, go ahead and make your reservation well in advance.

The distinct advantages of renting your vehicle before you travel include;

  • Ability to compare prices and choose according to your budget
  • Full visibility and choice of a wide range of available vehicles
  • Knowing the vehicle details will allow you to plan other related requirements eg. car seats, navigation units etc.
  • Details of your driver will assure you that friendly face is waiting for you when you land
  • Having a mode of transportation immediately upon arrival will give you added peace of mind.

While waiting to rent a vehicle upon landing might be acceptable for more free and easy travelers, it may lead to inconvenience and a lack of choice. Rental companies are available at the local airport but more often than not prices are higher and your options limited.

Whichever the method you choose, do your research well and choose your vehicle according to your itinerary, budget and unique travel requirements. We believe that renting in advance will give you a head start that you will not regret.

Friday February 4, 2022