A UNESCO world heritage-site, and home to the famous rock temple which provided shelter to King Walagamba during his exile of 14 years, Dambulla Sri Lanka lies at one of the strategic points in the cultural triangle. The cave boasts a wide range of frescoes which yet retain colour and vitality as a testament to the quality of the works of art belonging to a period of many centuries ago. The larger cave containing many statues, demonstrate the influences of Mahayana on Buddhism at such time in Dambulla Sri Lanka.

Dambulla is also home to the less known Iron Wood Forest and the Rose Quartz Mountain Range, showcasing the rich natural beauty of this historic city of Sri Lanka.

Dambulla weather remains dry for most of the year and January to May have a nice average temperature.

Things To Do

In addition to going on an excursion exploring the jungle area and playing and having some fun with the little monkeys along the way, there are quite a few things to do in Dambulla. The people in this part of the island are extremely hospitable and friendly and therefore going for an evening stroll in town and having a chat over a cup of tea with some of the villagers is certainly one of the enjoyable things to do in Dambulla.

Dining in some of the small restaurants with delicious food must be on your list of things to do in Dambulla too. Anon Rest serves an array of absolutely delectable local food, apparently authentic to the core. The BBH Restaurant too is a great option for tasty Sri Lankan meals and a few snacks as you hobble along the streets of Dambulla.


The rich history of the rock caves date back to about the 1st century BC when King Walagamba found refuge in them during his period in exile. As such, the magnificent rock caves are foremost among Dambulla attractions. When he later regained his throne, he had the caves carved into glorious rock temples laden with a number of statues and murals, which were later improved by King Nissanka Malla who even had the interior gilded, earning the name Ran Giri or Golden Rock. The Dambulla Golden Temple sitting at the foot of the hill boasts an intricately carved 30 meter high Buddha image.

Some of the other main Dambulla attractions include the Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium, which is most popularly known for having been constructed in just 167 days. The largest rose quartz mountain range in South Asia too sits in this glorious city of Dambulla. The Iron Wood Forest, also known as the Namal Uyana and the Ibbankatuwa pre-historic burial site which is one of the latest archaeological sites found in Dambulla, are among other attractions.

Thursday December 3, 2020