Until the early 1960s, Hikkaduwa stood as a small fishing village with seemingly no activity but for the day-to-day affairs of the fisher folk. However, the city is now a hub of activity and the golden beaches are often patronized by foreigners and locals alike. The beautiful sandy beaches and the surf points have successfully attracted throngs of people to Hikkaduwa. Travel to Hikkaduwa is a must on any tour of Sri Lanka, particularly if you are in the mood for a relaxed and chilled out holiday. The beach restaurants, bars and nightlife provide the ideal setting for a care-free vacation. Hikkaduwa travel however has much more to offer including a scenic lake and picturesque temples.

Weather in Hikkaduwa is mainly sunny and dry especially between November and April, with the most rainfall in the months of May and October.

Things To Do

Hikkaduwa diving is fantastic as the waters are a haven of paradise replete with exotic fish of all kinds. The shallow waters make diving in Hikaduwa an easy experience even for beginners. Surfing too is one of the many popular things to do in Hikkaduwa as there are four main surf-breaks.

The Rotti restaurants in Hikkaduwa serve simply divine rotti with fillings ranging from cheese and bacon to mango and banana. Savouring these phenomenal rottis is one of the most important in your list of things to do in Hikkaduwa. Some of the other frequented restaurants include the Chill Space Café, Cool Spot and the Moon Beam Restaurant.

Hikkaduwa Nightlife is vibrant and exhilarating. Mambo’s offers a great mix of house and reggae music and the atmosphere and setting are buzzing with energy.


With an average depth of only 5 meters and magnificent gardens of exotic flowering corals in its coral reef, Hikkaduwa is an amazing city lying on the south-western coast of Sri Lanka. The beach is one of the main attractions in Hikkaduwa and is certainly one of the best on the island. Day and night, the Hikkaduwa beach is full of vibrancy and energy as every little nook and corner has some story to tell. Enjoy a game of beach-volleyball or snack on a delicious bacon & cheese rotti from one of the many rotti restaurants while you are here.

One of the other lesser known of attractions in Hikkaduwa is the Hikkaduwa Bird Lake replete with exotic birds, monitor lizards and all sorts of other creatures. Traditional sweet water prawn fishing is one of the exclusive activities on this Bird Lake.

The Seenigama Devalaya and the Meetiyagoda Moonstone Mines too are nearby attractions. In Hikkaduwa, there is never a dull moment as there are plenty of attractions within the city and in the vicinity too.

Monday November 30, 2020