Negombo Sri Lanka is only a short distance away from the Capital city of Colombo, yet retains its charm and beauty of old. This beautiful city of borders the lagoon and on the other side claims amazing views of the Indian ocean and its palm-lined coastline. Another defining feature of the area is a network of canals established by the Dutch several centuries ago for transporting cinnamon and spices from Colombo.

The weather in Negombo is generally warm and tropical with seasonal monsoon rains.

Things To Do

Beaches of Negombo are the perfect place to relax and bask in magnificent sunsets. If you want to do a little bit of Negombo sightseeing however, a boat trip along the river is the best option as you glide past mangroves, a rain forest and even a local farm.

Canal sailing, catamaran dining, or even kite surfing are ideal if you are looking for things to do. Negombo, a beautiful fishing village along the Western coast of Sri Lanka is a great place for you to try your hand at fishing. Fishing in Negombo is perhaps the easiest as the waters are teeming with fish of all kinds.

Dine at some of the restaurants along the way including Amerhula, Lords or even Salwa for a unique experience. Negombo shopping presents an array of crafts and charming pieces of hand-made jewellery.


The Negombo beaches are splendid beyond comparison, ideal to simply while away the time as you are rejuvenated by the fresh salty breeze. Enjoying a beautiful sunset as you loll on the sandy shores of the Negombo beaches with a glass of champagne in hand is a phenomenal experience.

One of the main Negombo attractions is the Old Dutch Fort, close to the sea-front and near the lagoon area. The Dutch Fort has a beautiful gateway with the date 1678 inscribed, but the structure is now occupied by the local prison. The Dutch also displayed their love for canals in Negombo more than in any other city, in establishing a fantastic system of canals running through a distance of about 120km. The Angurukaamulla temple and St. Mary’s church too are magnificent structures in Negombo worth seeing.

Thursday November 26, 2020